Woldie Willow lives on our farm,

a wise old gent who is full of charm.
He spends his time with the butterflies and bees,

helping the creatures who live among the trees.

Woldie Willow is our wildlife friend, a willing hand he will lend.
Helping you to discover nature; follow his footsteps on an adventure.

Watch the birds from our hide, where Woldie Willow takes great pride,
keeping the feeders full to the brim, if you are quiet you might see him!

Help Woldie Willow with his butterfly count; who visits the farm? Lets find out!
Find out how the bees get honey, hard at work when it’s sunny.

On the woodland trail find creatures large and small, Woldie Willow cares for them all.
Listen to what he has to say, and learn how to care for nature Woldie’s Way.

Look out for flowers, fungi and trees, animals, bugs, birds and bees.
Work together to build a den, and outrun the fox in the willow warren.

Weave through Woldie’s living maze, challenge your family as you play,
hoopla, hopscotch and even chess; enjoyed together it’s the best.

Find the insects along the way, answer the questions in each bay.
Find Woldie’s garden in the willow, where he rests his head on a grassy pillow.

Take a ride on the Lavender Express, wave to Woldie as you pass.
Look closely at the nature pond; newts, dragonflies, fish and more abound.

Inhale the lavender all around, sit and soak in nature’s sound.
Stroll along the wildflower walk, look for Harry’s garden fork!

However you spend your day, Woldie Willow will help you learn and play.
All around you will find, Woldie’s wisdom of a natural kind.

So follow Woldie Willow’s giant feet, or relax a while on a seat,
whatever you decide to do; enjoy it together and with Woldie too.

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