Lavender and nature give each other a helping hand at Woldie’s.

We grow many varieties of lavender, then harvest and extract the lavender essential oil in our distillery on the farm.

This oil goes in to every Wolds Way Lavender product, packing all the natural benefits of lavender and the beautiful aroma in to each bottle!

We have planted over 100 varieties of Lavender throughout our relaxing 12 acre site. The Lavender flowers from late June through to September.

Raised beds have been utilised to make the lavenders accessible to all.

Rows of Lavender in our outer fields are grown for harvesting to be distilled in our very own distillery.


Distillation of our Lavender usually takes place throughout August.

Our purpose-built distillery allows the precious oil stored within the lavender plants to be separated and collected.

The Distillation process takes around 4 hours, during which time the distillery building is filled with the strong aroma of Lavender.

Unloading the spent Lavender is the highlight of the show as the room fills with steam and the aroma is at its strongest.

Fell free to call ahead during the harvest month to check what time we are distilling.

Only the Essential Oil extracted here on the farm is used within our range of unique products.

The oil is added to the products here at Woldie’s, we then bottle and label the products ourselves.

For each product we know exactly which oil was used, when it was distilled and who distilled it!

From plants to products, all on our Lavender and Nature Farm.

In our Plant Nursery, you will find a large selection of Lavender, Herbs and Wildflower plants.

All our plants are either propagated here at the farm or sourced locally.

Our range varies throughout the seasons, if you are after something particular, get in touch!

The team are always on hand to offer advice on planting schemes and how to care for the plants.

Our culinary lavender is hand cut specifically for culinary use, available at the honeypot gift shop and used in our lavender herbal tea!

Our lavender loves nature and nature loves the lavender, trees and plants here!

Find out about more about how lavender and nature support each other at Woldies in Lavender & Nature in Numbers.

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